Resonator Xylophone - Orff3
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Resonator Xylophone - Orff

Alipa Musical Instrument Mfg. Co.,Ltd. not only has dedicated machinery and equipment to make xylophones, and with the most professional tuning technology, so the xylophones produced by Alipa are highly praised by customers from all over the world!

We accept OEM and ODM orders. If you have high quality requirements for xylophone tones, please feel free to contact us. We are confident that you will be satisfied!!

Deep Bass, Alto, Soprano resonator xylophone

Deep Bass Resonator Bars
Hamonious overtone tuning

Deep Bass resonator xylophone

Alto & Soprano Resonator Bars
Overtone tuning

Alto, Soprano resonator xylophone

Flat box xylophone series
Alto & Soprano Xylophone

Overtone tuning

Alto & Soprano Xylophone